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Underwater accelerometer 746

Miniature underwater accelerometer, 10 mV/g sensitivity, wide frequency range, titanium case for long term reliability in submerged monitoring locations, 10ft integral J6 cable, case isolated 

Product Description

Underwater accelerometer, 100 mV/g sensitivity, titanium case for long-term reliability in submerged monitoring locations, 10ft integral J6 cable, case isolated 


  • Hermetically sealed
  • Titanium case
  • 650 psi pressure rating
  • IP68 rated integral cabling for submerged applications



Sensor output Dynamic vibration (IEPE)
Sensitivity 100 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance ±5 %
Frequency response, ±3 dB 1 Hz – 15,000 Hz
Mounting thread 10-32 tapped hole
Connector style Integral cable
Connector orientation Top exit
Full-scale range 80 g peak
Resonance frequency 30 kHz
Temperature range –50°C to +80°C
Weight 45 grams
Hazardous area approvals Non-approved

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