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Biaxial underwater accelerometer 757

Miniature underwater accelerometer, 10 mV/g sensitivity, wide frequency range, titanium case for long term reliability in submerged monitoring locations, 10ft integral J6 cable, case isolated 

Product Description

Biaxial, low-profile, underwater accelerometer, 100 mV/g sensitivity, 10 ft integral J81S cable with stainless steel overbraided, case isolated 



  • Hermetic seal
  • 650 psi rating
  • Stainless steel overbraid integral cable
  • Rugged 316L stainless steel case
  • Low-profile mounting



Sensor output Dynamic vibration (IEPE)
Sensitivity 100 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance ±10 %
Frequency response, ±3 dB 2 Hz – 2,000 Hz
Mounting thread Two 10-32 x 7/16 SHCS on 1.125″ bolt circle
Connector style Integral cable
Connector orientation Side exit

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Wilcoxon underwater accelerometers are designed to be used virtually anywhere under continuous submersion. They are built to withstand the high pressures of deep submergence. Titanium cases are used when the accelerometer must be highly resistant to galvanic corrosion or mounted on titanium structures. Stainless steel can be used for applications where the accelerometer will be mounted on cast iron or mild steel structures since they are near one another on the galvanic series list.