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The iNano nanoindenter offers accuracy and precision

at a price that puts nanoindentation capability into reach for any lab’s budget, from leading universities to high tech companies.

Download a PDF brochure here.

  • With flexibility in mind, the iNano allows for a wide range of test including, but not limited to, frequency specific experiments, storage and loss modulus, modulus and hardness (Oliver and Pharr) and constant strain rate.

  • Electromagnetic actuators are used in all systems produced by Nanomechanics Inc., including the iNano. These actuators are robust linear devices that inherently decouple force and displacement. They offer a maximum force of 50 mN, resolution of 3 nN and ultra low noise floors of less < 50 nN.

  • With a time constant of 20 micro seconds, the iNano is the only commercial nanoindenter to simultaneously meet specs for a maximum indenter travel of 50 m, a noise floor of < 0.1 nm, a digital resolution of 0.001 nm and drift rates of < 0.05 nm/s.

  • To ensure the widest range and most reliable data in the industry, iNano is capable of dynamic excitation frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 1 kHz.

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  • Available method packs containing tips, methods and standards for polymers, thin films, and biomaterials

  • Available scratch option featuring a maximum normal load of 50 mN, maximum scratch distance of 2.5mm and a maximum scratch speed of 500 μm/s.

  • Available Remote Video Option provides two dierent viewing angles within the iNano chamber with a USB camera in addition to the standard microscope objective.

  • Sample stage movement of 25 mm in the Z axis, 100 mm in the X, and 150 mm in the Y axis allows testing of a wide range of sample heights, and over a large sample area.

  • Load-frame stiffness > 1,000,000 N/m

  • Unique tip-calibration system integrated into the software that allows for fast, accurate and automated tip calibration.

  • 3D and 4D mapping of materials with optional NanoBlitz Topography and Tomography software.

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